Lourdes Kanajar Association, Emirates (LKAE)

Lourdes Kanajar Association of Emirates (LKAE) formerly known as KWAE came into existence in the year 2000 through the keen initiative of other likeminded Konkani speaking Catholics hailing from a tiny village of Kanajar of Mangalore Diocese. The association has spread over other Gulf countries mainly Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar & Oman and also in Mumbai. The efforts of Lourdes Kanajar Association in the past years have been praiseworthy and commendable.

On 27th of October’ 2000, about 14 people from Kanajar gathered at the residence of Stanley D’Souza primarily with an intention of gathering more information on Kanajarians and gradually establish an association of their own to help each other in the long run as well as undertake projects back home with an absolute intention of providing food, clothing and shelter to our brethren in need. It is worth mentioning these names here without whose support the association would have been a distant dream even today. The members are: Stanley D’Souza, Thomas Saldanha, Aloysius D’Souza, Baptist Saldanha, Ignatius D’Souza, Maurice Saldanha, Benedicta Lobo (nee Saldanha), Veronica Alva (nee Saldanha), Peter Saldanha, Dominic D’Souza, Leo D’Souza, Sunil Lobo, Robert Pereira and Austin Barboza. LKAE has now grown five times of its initial numbers and in the UAE it is the first association that came into existence in the recent times.

This very move of setting up family bonds not only helped Kanajrians residing in the UAE, but also led to the formation of several such associations which indeed was an inspiration to all Mangalorean catholics hailing from the neighboring parishes mainly Karkal, Udupi, Shirva and Kundapur wards (varado’s) etc.

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 - To establish close and friendly links with every Kanajarian residing outside India.
 - To provide help to those who are in deep crisis either at workplace or in the family or health problem.
 - To help the needy back home through financial assistance as well as career guidance to their children who will be our future generation of Kanajar.

Cultural activities:
Since its inception in 2000, LKAE members have participated in every single event that came its way, be it celebration of feasts, talent shows and competitions, Sports and Major tournaments at the UAE level. Highlights of these major events are, a grand celebration of Lourdes parish feast – Dec 2003 attended by a large crowd of 450 people, Lourdes Kanajar Throwball and Volley ball Tournament – Dec 2004 attended by more than 500 people and almost 20 teams participated across the UAE. For more info, click on the respective links provided below:
Projects undertaken:

LKAE has undertaken several impressive projects back home either directly initiated by them or by some other organizations. The funds raised by the above events were immediately distributed in a timely manner and made sure that they reached the beneficiary. A list of projects undertaken in chronological order:

2001-02: Contribution towards its maiden project “Lourdes Hospital” in Kanajar thus securing the Director’s status in Lourdes Kanajar Charitable Trust.

2002: Regularized mortuary fund benefits to all members holding the current annual membership.

2003: Fund raising campaign that amounted to a total of Rs. 22 lakhs from several like-minded people, who thus acquired Director’s status in the hospital trust.

2003: Contribution towards “Divine Call Centre” Mulky, INDIA a retreat house project initiated by Fr. Jerry Sequeira SVD.

2004: Educational assistance to a Kanajarian student (girl) from a poor family, thus helping her secure a management seat in nursing.

2004: Repatriation of mortal remains of a Kanajarian, who passed away in Dubai due to hereditary illness.

2005: Assistance to two poor families in Kanajar for construction of their houses, a project managed by Parish Priest.

The slogan is: "Together let us build a tradition of care"

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